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Miranda Priestly vs. Michael Scott: Working From Home & Your Inner Boss

I have been in transition from my office life at Burberry to completely working from home for about a month now. Many of my friends and former colleagues have commented on how much more I must be getting done, and how amazing it is to be able to create your own schedule.

I will go back to one of the creepiest, yet most true things my Grandpa ever told me: "Idleness is the devil’s playground."

I know — that is so something you would hear in Flowers in the Attic, right? But it is so true.

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Be Humble. Sit Down.

I am really launching a coaching business! Wow. 6 months ago, my life looked so different. I was just promoted at my job in fashion. I was drinking champagne and buying a lot of outerwear. A lot.

Now, I am working part time for the same brand, but also about to embark on a new journey. The journey of an entrepreneur.

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