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It was February 2017.

I was just promoted the month before. I worked in Recruitment for a huge fashion house, and literally should have been floating on air. Was I? Nope. Instead I was walking home after working late, on a very frigid February night. All of a sudden I started sobbing. Out of nowhere. In my mind, there was zero reason to be upset. My mental rolodex went through my life quickly so I could try to understand if I missed some major catastrophic event. What I ended up finding after that moment, was something so much bigger:


From that moment on, I realized I needed to stop ignoring that inner Jiminy Cricket and really take charge of my life. What was once so important to me, was suddenly becoming less so.  I was so afraid to peel back the layers of these thoughts and what I might find. I began questioning everything in my personal and professional life. My mind was like a hamster wheel, and I couldn’t make it stop. I needed answers.

What was this a-ha moment you ask? I recognized that I lost and found myself a bit in the last few years of working in fashion. What I mean by that is that it is easy to get caught up in the fashion world in NYC, if you let it catch up with you. The things that are so important to me, kept getting pushed further and further back, like creativity. I was chasing this “dream” of climbing that ladder (you know, that ladder that everyone in NYC has aspired to climb in one way or another). I can honestly say, that today I am confident I am getting back to my core values which are being authentic, and staying creative while doing a lot of laughing along the way.

So here I am typing up this bio listening to the Jay-Z 4:44 album, (because who doesn’t need Jay’s introspection when they are typing up a bio for their website?) I’m ready to inspire the same way I was inspired. I am ready to help someone potentially crying on a street corner because maybe they aren’t as fulfilled as they could be. I want to help someone achieve their max potential, because that is what makes me feel good. To quote the last bumper sticker I saw, “If not now, when?”

I fully believe that my journey of soul searching has led me down a path of helping others achieve their career goals. 

If you're reading this, you've already taken the first step.








The first time I spoke to Tiffany I was in tears after the third word. I was ashamed of myself... why was I complaining about my life and job? To a lot of people I could be considered successful, but it wasn’t enough.

Tiffany made me feel comfortable to open up and helped me dig in deeper to understand what I want and am looking for. I feel much better about myself and stronger to take over whatever comes my way. I feel more open to possibilities and gained the confidence I needed to figure out I can do it! Definitely better money spent than therapy — I strongly suggest going through this path. She helped me clear the fog and see the light!
— Fabiana Rigamonti

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