Tiffany Dyba

Consulting services

In addition to my work as a coach, I offer consultancy services designed to help businesses attract, hire and retain top talent.

Recruitment Consulting

Do you or your team need to up your game when it comes to hiring talent? Are you lost without best practices or scalable recruiting solutions for your business?

My consulting services call on 10+ years of experience recruiting top talent in the HR & Recruitment Industry. Together, we'll develop a hiring solution that works for you and your company.

Interview Training

Do you or your team have the candidates lining up outside the door, but feel unsure about how to assess whether or not they're a fit for your organization?

I offer bespoke interview training based on your specific needs to help you confidently and accurately identify top talent. Together, we'll optimize your interview practices to make your business more successful.


Clients I have worked with include: