Tiffany Dyba
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I help women who are feeling stuck achieve their wildest career dreams by tapping into their creative passions and unleashing their inner badass.

I Believe I can Fly

This is essentially THE roadmap to badass.

A 3-hour power session, allowing me to verbally kick your ass and help you get out of your own way. Walk in not having a clue, walk out with the tools and confidence to take charge of your life. Hands in the air!

With this offering you will receive:

  • An in-person or Skype session

  • A really badass workbook (ahead of our sesh):  This will help us get clear on what lights your fire (Side note: This workbook is fun, NOT work).

  • Resume review + editing: A badass deserves to have a badass resume.

  • A LinkedIn profile creation or revamp: Everyone will be begging to hire you.

  • Engaging networking outreach ideas: These will help you woo. Yes, I said woo.

  • A fool proof battle plan: This will get your ass of the current seat, and into a new one.

This package also includes one 30 -minute follow up call within 30 days to review your progress.


It Was All A Dream

Until it wasn't.  This package is for the super focused only.

This is a 3- month intensive consulting package that also includes deeper coaching work centered around your roadblocks to help you get unstuck. This package will help you throw a middle finger to your old life and say what's up to your best life. Feeling like calling out sick again because you can't possibly fake that smile one more time? I feel you.

With this offering you will receive:

  • Weekly phone or Skype calls to review your progress/venting sessions/karaoke

  • Unlimited email communication

  • Access to my badass networking team: A collective of awesome peeps that work for cool companies that will help you get closer to THE thing

  • Resume Review + Editing: Create the most epic resume of your life that people will want to hire you tomorrow

  • A Linkedin profile strategy that includes outreach tips and template creation

  • A foolproof networking plan centered around the job/ life that you want

  • Weekly Assignments & Exercises to help you gain further clarity on what makes your heart sing

  • Unlimited motivational rap quotes from yours truly


inspired to make a change?

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