Tiffany Dyba

All I Do is Win


Ok, you have the interview. Look at you, go getter!

This is a 2 part session that focuses on helping you prepare for the interview so you walk out of that interview with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid. You can sign up for this session on its own or add it to any coaching package for the ultimate badass power move. How bad do you want the job? That's what I thought.

With this offering, you'll receive:

  • An initial 45 minute call or Skype session to discuss your current pitfalls and challenges related to interviewing

  • A second call or Skype session that's treated like a mock interview to help you nail any objection or tricky question that comes your way
    (Bonus points if you have a job description of a role you're currently interviewing for — we'll use it!)

  • A solid guide to my favorite interview questions and how to prepare for them

  • A strategic follow-up plan you can use post-interview so you won't look like a stalker (well, more like a professional stalker)

Tiffany made my interview prep so simple! She really took the time to listen to my needs and came up with a solid action plan that worked.
— Joanna Stone