“Tiffany made my interview prep so simple!

She really took the time to listen to my needs and came up with a solid action plan that worked. She gave me a great confidence boost and showed me how to focus on my strengths and address my weaknesses. Her strategic approach combined with her positive attitude really delivers results. I know that our sessions were not only invaluable during the interview process, but will also benefit me throughout my career. I’d highly recommend Tiffany to anyone looking for some professional advice and/or coaching."

—Joanna Stone

“Working with Tiffany during my job search significant helped me during the interview process. She was incredibly resourceful and was able to hone in on how I could best present myself and my strengths for each particular job I was applying for. Her words were encouraging, candid and strategic. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and highly recommend doing so in order to land your dream job!”

—Mel Grigonis

“I was fortunate enough to work with Tiffany and can honestly say her mentorship will continue to guide me through the complex job interview process and beyond. Her tools were easily relatable as well as applicable, which is so important when it comes to not only understanding yourself but also taking a customized approach to each role you explore. I highly recommend Tiffany and look forward to seeing her business grow!”

—Lauren Fain


“The first time I spoke to Tiffany I was in tears after the third word. I was ashamed of myself... why was I complaining about my life/job? To a lot of people I could be considered successful; but it wasn’t enough. Tiffany made me feel comfortable to open up and helped me dig in deeper to understand what I want and am looking for. I feel much better about myself and stronger to take over whatever comes my way. I feel more open to possibilities and gained the confidence I needed to figure out I can do it! Definitely better money spent than therapy. I strongly suggest going through this path. She helped me clear the fog and see the light!”

—Fabiana Rigamonti

“Tiffany is absolutely amazing. She helped me stay focused on the positive things I offered in my profession. I would (and I have) recommended her to my friends. She is personable, down to earth, positive, energetic, creative and supportive. How many people get the opportunity to work with someone possessing those characteristics? It was truly my pleasure to work with her in a very important time in my life. Reinventing a career is not the easiest thing to do and with Tiffany's help/support, I'm able to focus on what's important to me and moving to a better place with my career goals.”

—Shani Porter

“My time with Tiffany was very encouraging! I was able to be honest, open, and my true self. Not being where I wanted to be in my career was an embarrassment; I was very hard on myself. From our time together, I learned how to be patient and that the right opportunity will come along. I also gained confidence to handle tough interview questions and learned how to present myself during difficult work situations. I appreciate the time we spent together - it was worth it! Now I know the next career opportunity is right around the corner.”

—Candice Daniels

“Working with Tiffany has been an amazing journey for me. She equipped me with the right skills to secure a job offer. With her recruiter hat on, she provided useful insight in the hiring process which helped me in my interview process. Her feedback is spot-on and I love that she keeps the conversation real & drama-free. She's a very good listener and never judged me for anything I shared or expressed. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a new role or in a career transition.”

—Saira Seithi

“I started working with Tiffany at exactly the right time in my career journey: I had been looking and interviewing for quite a while, but couldn't really nail down why no opportunities felt right to me. Tiffany helped me narrow down my wants, needs, and must haves in an employer and opened my mind (begrudgingly!) to pursue paths I may have never considered otherwise.

I feel confident now that I am working towards specific and measured goals while I continue my job search and no longer feel as if I am simply "treading water". If you are a self-motivated type-A person like I am who is stuck in the "almost-hired cycle", go talk to Tiffany — she will make it all make sense.”

—Jordan Catalana


"If you want to be coddled and waste time with woo-woo shit, go to a different coach. If you want a strong, supportive, and encouraging woman who helps you make things happen, go to Tiffany."

—Morganna Nickoff

Anne-Greenough .png

I came to Tiffany at a time in my life where I felt stuck and discouraged by the job search process. Tiff was like a breath of fresh air and gave me the confidence and help I needed to really hone in on what it is that I am good at — and then apply those skills to where I wanted to go next in my career. (She is also a total badass and hilarious). Her interview prep training was really the most valuable for me. She gave me great insight into what to expect each step of the way as I made my way through the interview process. I went into interviews I never could have handled before her training and killed them! After a few months of working with her, I landed a wonderful job!

My time with Tiffany really invaluable and I would recommend her to anyone in the fashion and retail industries looking for a supportive, encouraging and all around amazing coach.

Anne Greenough 

Tiffany is fabulous! I had not had a resume in over 20 years as I had been in my job for over 18 years. I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed as I knew my job was coming to an end. Tiffany is so enthusiastic and encouraging that she put me at ease within the first five minutes of our first session. I could tell that she truly cared about my circumstances and wanted to help in anyway possible to make it easier for me and that is exactly what she did! I now have a fabulous resume and an updated LinkedIn account. I am ready to start the job search, all thanks to Tiffany!!
— Margaret Curran