The Aha Moment: Tillie Eze

“An ordinary girl, doing extraordinary things” is how Tillie Eze describes herself. After spending an afternoon getting to know her, I would definitely agree. I met Tillie through a networking group that I belong to, and right away was drawn to her energy. Tillie has an amazing sense of self and is ambitious and intentional about her goals and passions.

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Peace Out: 5 Signs You've Had Enough At Work

Be honest. While sitting around with your friends at happy hour talking about your job, you've become more and more annoyed. You've found yourself getting louder and have started to complain about things and people that they have no idea about — and finally, you've taken a deep breath and said: "Well my job isn't THAT bad. I don't know why I am complaining."

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Going Through Changes

I have been going a mile a minute since I launched my business at the end of last year. I remember speaking in this space about how I was feeling really anxious and a bit overwhelmed trying to get it all together and figure everything out. While there is still an element of that, somewhere along the way, another part of my brain clicked and lately my outlook on many things has shifted since last year when I launched.

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Refuse to be Stumped: Interview Questions to Prep For

I polled my Instagram followers the other day on what is going to help you prepare for all those interviews you are going to rock in 2018. You guys want the lowdown on which interview questions to prepare for, so I'll hook you all the way up with the 411 on a few of the classic stumpers. Here’s the deal: At the end of the day, the main component of an interview is if you mesh well with the person who interviews you. Sometimes, that person is having a bad day and there's nothing you can say that will make them like you (keeping it very real with you guys).

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To Whom It May Concern — How to Make Your Email Stand Out

It's now 2018. You've decided that you want to start your job search. Your resume is updated, you have found some jobs that interest you, and you're ready to rock and roll and start applying. Or are you?

You can easily start rapid firing your resume to all the different online portals, in hopes that you won't just be another candidate in the sea of 10,000; or you can get creative and figure out how to stand out amongst the crowd.

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