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The Ultimate Job Search Soundtrack

We are all motivated differently. Some people get their motivation from an amazing yoga or meditation session. Others are motivated by an intense writing session. While I am motivated by both of those things, nothing kicks my ass quite like music. If I am feeling happy, sad or angry I always turn to my Spotify playlists and play whatever my mood feels.

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Mo' Jobs, Mo' Problems: Job Hopping Truths

Too often I work with clients who are very nervous about how their resume looks to a hiring manager when they have too many jobs listed. They don't want to portray themselves as noncommittal or irresponsible. I am here to tell you that isn't always the case in how the resume is perceived. We are in a job market now that is much more accepting, depending on what the reasons are for leaving a company. There are definite ways to spin the conversation to ensure you are putting your best self forward, but being authentic and truthful at the same time.

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The Age of the Renaissance Woman

I recently watched an amazing TED talk  given by Emilie Wapnick regarding what she affectionately calls the "multipotentialite." The idea is around having more than one passion or skill set and how culturally, that isn't something we have celebrated when it comes to choosing a career.

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Peace Out: 5 Signs You've Had Enough At Work

Be honest. While sitting around with your friends at happy hour talking about your job, you've become more and more annoyed. You've found yourself getting louder and have started to complain about things and people that they have no idea about — and finally, you've taken a deep breath and said: "Well my job isn't THAT bad. I don't know why I am complaining."

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