The 2018 Job Search: What You Should Be Doing Now


In between the holiday parties and the year-end wind-down, you're probably thinking about that pesky job search that you know you need to address in January.

Your resume isn't done. Your LinkedIn is a mess. You haven't even hopped on a job board or reached out to your network to even know what is out there.

I have a little secret for you: You need to step up your game.

Truth is, doing all of these things is not how you want to spend the holidays. I promise there are little things you can do now, to get a leg up on all of the resolution goers in January. Stick with me, I got you.

Update Your Resume. Now.

I know this one seems like a no-brainer, but many people often put it off until the New Year because it feels like a daunting task. To get ahead of the game, think about sending some resumes out now. Do you need help updating your resume? Better to reach out to these resources now as January will be a busy month. Put some holiday music on, and have fun with it. I promise you'll feel less stressed about doing this now than if you wait to do it during the beginning of the year. 

Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile. Yes, Really.

Updating your LinkedIn profile is a great way to get serious about your job search. Nowadays, so much of the job search is about Linkedin; in fact, Linkedin has close to 500 million users, so next time someone rolls their eyes when you ask if they are on Linkedin, you can drop some knowledge on them. Your homework for this one is simple: Have a professional photo taken (check out NY Headshots here). Next, update your work history and summary. Ask your former managers or colleagues for recommendations. Now's the time to get all of your ducks in a row.

Have Some Coffee Talk.

Remember that time I posted about making networking meaningful? This is your time to put your best foot forward and start getting your name out in the job search universe. While there might not be as many networking events during the holiday season, there's still an opportunity to reach out to your contacts for introductions. Is there a specific company you're interested in? Do some light to moderate LinkedIn stalking, and find out who the HR person is. Set up coffee meetings for January. Remember, most people are going to do this stuff January 1st, so why not be proactive and get some meetings on your calendar now?


Start Working With a Career Coach.

I promise this shameless plug isn't for the reasons you think! If you're not sure about what your next move is, then all of the preparation I spoke about earlier will mean nothing. Many of you are faced with the reality that you want to leave your current role but aren't sure what's next, or how to get there. Working with a coach can help you flesh out your skill set and motivations, and help you attack the job search thoughtfully so you're not stuck in the same role that made you miserable in 2017. Whether you work with me or another coach, I highly recommend exploring that route if you find yourself feeling stuck.

I can't stress enough that the job search doesn't have to be a beast — if you prepare for it. Start now so that come January you will be ahead of the game and well on your way to the life you deserve. You're better than posting "New year, new me" photos on Instagram with zero action. 2018 can be your year too!