The Aha Moment: Emily Fayette

You guys know the drill by now. I have been speaking about The Aha Moment religiously now, whether it is on my blog, or on my Instagram, or to anyone that will listen to me, really. I've been growing even more excited to share other badass women's stories and their Aha Moments with the world, and I'm particularly excited to share this one with you today!


Emily Fayette

Emily Fayette is a woman of many talents. at only 28, she's basically killing it in all aspects of her life.

Emily is a FlyWheel instructor, a Health Coach, and Personal Trainer, and she recently launched and created a wellness community online called Elevate Together.

(I guess you can say she's busy).

I first met Emily about three years ago when she was teaching spin locally in Astoria. I was instantly drawn to her gregarious personality and her insanely positive energy. Not to mention, she was kicking my ass on the bike with some pretty sick beats. I then became an Emily evangelist, and when she landed the gig at Flywheel, I started taking classes there when it suited my work schedule. I've always been in awe of Emily's can-do attitude, given the amount of work she has taken on. I've never seen someone hustle so hard, but also never frown.

Emily is onto something. For that reason, I decided she would be perfect to feature, so I can share her Aha Moment with the world.

What Emily did before she was killing it at life:

Emily went to St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY, with a major in Childhood and Special Education. She realized early on that being confined to a classroom all day was not her jam. Emily is a free spirit, and so being in front of a chalkboard all day was not enough. As soon as Emily graduated college, she had her eyes set on being in the city, so moved to NYC. No job. No apartment. Nada. She was living with friends of friends, trying to make it in the concrete jungle. (Cue up Jay & Alicia).

Emily had done some acting in commercials when she was younger and decided to pursue the acting thing again when she got to New York. A few "thanks but no thanks," speeches later, she realized that wasn't her path either.

Sh^t. Now what? Going back to her college roots, working with children, but also her love for fitness; she started teaching at a children's gym called My Gym. After one month of teaching children gymnastics to kids ranging from six weeks to six years old, her boss sat her down and asked her to be the director and oversee the entire gym. Boom. The girl is on a roll. But it doesn't stop there. Emily was then asked to be the managing director of three children's gyms! Yet, this new gig was taking her away from what she truly loved — being in the gym with the kids.

The Aha Moment is already settling in here. Emily didn't just want a job, she wanted more than that. After all, hustlers don't sleep, we rest one eye up (I didn't make that up, that's a Jay-Z quote).

Emily was already spending a ton of money on fitness classes here in NYC. She loves fitness. She loves teaching. Hmm. Why can't she do this sh^t? Emily started teaching at Beebe's Butt Camp, and also a spin instructor at Simply Fit Astoria. Did I mention she was still working her corporate job as Managing Director for My Gym? Yep, girl was making moves! Soon enough, Emily realized she could make a good living teaching fitness full time, so decided to explore Flywheel.

Emily's biggest Aha Moment:

Emily's then boyfriend (now hubby) Zach came home from work one day with the book The Crossroads Between Should and Must by Elle Luna after seeing the author speak. To summarize, the book speaks about different career paths and how and how corporate life isn't for everyone (hands in the air) and recognizes that people have so much more to offer in life than just contributing to the 9-5.

*Prepare to get goosebumps here*

Zach looked at Emily (she discloses he was a little teary eyed) and said: "You are someone that has much more to give."

 A support system is so key when recognizing your Aha Moment.

I asked Emily what advice she has for people who have other passions but don't know how to turn them into a career. She says, "If you have a passion or a side project, keep after it. Even if it isn't making you money right off the bat."  The money will come if you truly are excited about what you are doing. If it resonates with you, it will resonate with others. "You have to build the passion in conjunction with stability, then take away the stability, and just go for it!"

Haters in the building?

I asked Em if she received any judgment or criticism along the way. Her answer: "No one ever doubted me, and always knew I had a plan." That's not always the norm, guys. Just remember that you have to get uncomfortable to be truly comfortable. Again, surround yourself with the right peeps.

3 Influences that keep Emily jazzed and excited:

Charlie Kim and Meghan Messenger are co-CEOs at Next Jump, a company that's all about changing workplace culture and providing people/organizations with the tools to do so. Emily keeps office space at Next Jump, and also works closely with the CEOs on corporate fitness. With a motto like "Better me, better you, better us", you can bet Emily is on board with that mission.

Emily also recognizes Simon Sinek as another influencer. You probably know Simon as a brilliant author and motivational speaker. Emily speaks about Simon's book, Start with Why, as being a big push and help to find her why.

Emily's Theme Song:

Music is in my blood, so I have to know what everyone else is being musically driven by. Emily's theme song is On Top of The World by Imagine Dragons.

She certainly is.

Want to check out what Emily is all about? Scope out @thehealthyhustle on IG & join her badass community.