Going Through Changes

I have been going a mile a minute since I launched my business at the end of last year. I remember speaking in this space about how I was feeling really anxious and a bit overwhelmed trying to get it all together and figure everything out. While there is still an element of that, somewhere along the way, another part of my brain clicked and lately, my outlook on many things has shifted since last year when I launched.

I am changing. I can feel it.


This isn't meant to be some spiritually hokey type of rant, but honestly, I've been on this high since the beginning of the year, and it is something I never felt before. I'm feeling less cynical, less self-sabotaging, and more inspired than I have felt in a really long time. Things that I thought I cared about in my past life are things I find myself not caring about as much anymore. And guess what? It feels REALLY GOOD.

I think I realized this when I started getting into my interviews for The Aha Moment and listening to other women's inspirational journeys to finding their passions. It is so nice to speak with people who get it — people who know they have more to offer, but never knew how to offer it.  Slowly, I am building this crew of women around me who each have something so amazing to give people, but a lot of times did not realize it until they felt extreme pain or discomfort. These stories all resonated with me, and as I started talking to these women of different backgrounds, colors, and business models, I was able to find a common thread with each and every one of them. It has come to the point where I can't even talk about these women or The Aha Moments without getting choked up — and that's the feeling that I feel almost all of the time now. That feeling of knowing that I am able to influence people in a more meaningful way than I have ever been able to. By telling these stories, I am hoping to inspire others to take that leap of faith, even when they feel like there is no way in hell they will ever be able to (especially when they feel like that).

Because of this transformation, and this high that I am feeling, my mindset is shifting too. l've become less critical of myself. Full disclosure, we all have our sh^t, right? Historically, I've had this pretty big issue that goes way back to feeling like I will never be good enough, and that what I am doing will never be enough. I think it really goes back to the fact that family and others in my life have been pretty hard on me, and I have always felt that nothing I do will ever stack up (OK, I promise I am getting off the therapist couch now). My point is, I don't feel like that as much anymore. I'm so proud of what I am doing and so excited that I really don't care if I have 1 client or 100. I know I am going to get there; I wouldn't feel this good about it if I were destined to fail.


I wanted to share this with you guys because I know that for some of you, it's really hard to get up and go to work every day knowing that you're meant to do something else. I really know what that feels like — your real identity is hiding under a rock somewhere and you don't even realize it. When you finally decide to let that identity come out, hold your breath because that's when the magic happens, Y'all. I had no idea I was ever capable of feeling like this, but now I know that if I can dig myself out of a self-critical hole, so can you. I am not a motivational speaker by any means, but I say buckle up and just f^^^king do it. The real you will kick the sh^t out of everyone in the room, while the old you watches from the sidelines hating on everyone else with really dark circles under their eyes (#theoldme).

I'm looking forward to seeing more of the new identities out there.