The Aha Moment: Alexandra Harper

An Aha Moment can show up at different times for different people. For Alexandra Harper, that time was while she was meditating. For years, Alexandra spent countless hours working in Graphic Design and Marketing for companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Estee Lauder, before realizing she was letting fear and expectations dictate what she was doing, rather than following her passions and intuition.

Sound familiar? Too often, we make decisions based on fear and comfort, rather than going for what we really want. I am excited to share Alexandra’s story today, in hopes to inspire Y'all to grab your life by the balls and get out there and do what matters to you.


Alexandra Harper

Alexandra worked in Graphic Design and Marketing for companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Estee Lauder before before starting Women of Culture, a community for females in New York City.

Take a few steps back…

Alexandra grew up in Vermont but has spent the last 14 years in New York. Earning her degree in Advertising from Boston University, she then went on to study Graphic Design at Parsons School of Design here in New York City. She has worked in Marketing and Graphic Design for a variety of beauty companies but has always had a deep connection to the arts. She  was a dancer in college, and considers dance her “art drug of choice.”

After moving around to a few different companies, she started thinking about what was missing from her life and how she could get back to the things she loved when she was younger. Se started thinking about how she could inspire women through the arts and get them in touch with their own creativity.

And through many hours of soul searching and meditation, the idea for Women of Culture was born.

What is Women of Culture?

Women of Culture has a mission to connect, inspire and empower women through curated cultural experiences, talks and workshops that go beyond traditional networking events, helping women have more meaningful engagement with the arts. Women join a community of fellow culture seekers who attend events together in an effort to build meaningful relationships with each other, while also getting out and experiencing all of the amazing art this city has to offer. These experiences range from an afternoon at the art galleries to attending a Broadway show together, always with plenty of girl-bonding time mixed in.

Wind Beneath My Wings

Alexandra cites her Mom as her biggest source of inspiration. “She has always been a feminist and a big supporter of women and the arts.” She has also worked with a few coaches that have helped her through various stages of her journey.  

As I always say, there is room for more than one mentor in your life. As you go through different stages, you meet people that help you through various parts of your journey.

Advice for the Dreamers

When I asked Alexandra about what advice she would give to others around following their path and taking risks, she said “Taking the risk is often easier than staying stagnant in the same place.”

It is a good lesson, as sometimes that is how you know you are ready to take the leap — when actually staying in a situation you hate isn’t even an option anymore. In your gut, you know when you are ready to be done.

Song to Pump Your Fist To

When I asked Alexandra what she is nodding her head to these days, she told me “Break Free” by Ariana Grande really gets her jacked and ready to go. Respect.

Key Takeaways

It isn’t always easy to up and leave your job for the unknown. The unknown is scary as hell, no doubt. Imagine a world where you keep stifling those inner voices telling you to remain comfortable and bored. Imagine never living up to your full potential. Imagine yourself eating jello through a straw at 85 and thinking about what if? You don’t have to. Alexandra is living proof.

Also, meditate. Clearly, the best and most clear ideas come from it.

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