The Ultimate Job Search Soundtrack


We are all motivated differently. Some people get their motivation from an amazing yoga or meditation session. Others are motivated by an intense writing session. While I am motivated by both of those things, nothing kicks my ass quite like music. If I am feeling happy, sad or angry I always turn to my Spotify playlists and play whatever my mood feels.

My taste in music really varies. As I am sure you gather by now, I tend to gravitate towards hip-hop. (The more old school, the better.) That said, if you were to dig around in my Spotify account, you might be a little confused and have several questions.

Embarking on the journey of job searching is undoubtedly daunting. Let’s face it, sometimes you don’t even know where to begin. Resume? Networking? Wait, this organization wants a cover letter? No thanks. Many of my clients that come to me are very frustrated that they don’t have the mental bandwidth to begin a grueling search, especially if they are working in a high demand job as it is.

I have written and talked about easy ways that you can start your job search to make it more manageable and digestible. However, what if you still need the motivation to even begin thinking about what the search will look like? That’s where music comes in.

Maybe music gets you hype, maybe it doesn’t. All I am asking is give it a try. Are you feeling overwhelmed by getting started? Do you not know what you even want to do next? Navigating through a side hustle that you might want to take on full time? Resume woes?

Whatever it is, you will be able to manage it. And to ensure you are kicking this next step off right, I have taken the liberty of making you a playlist of solid tracks sure to motivate you to do something great. Quit your job. Ask for the raise. Inquire about that promotion. Think about what you truly want. Book that trip.  You deserve it, girl.

Full disclosure, I listened to the playlist two times through, and I am ready to burn my bra. So I think big changes are coming for y'all.

Check out the playlist below or here. I would love to hear your feedback. What are songs or artists that get you motivated? I am looking forward to hearing about the life-altering decisions you have made because of this playlist.

Wow, I am really selling this. Enjoy it!